Modernity in the light of Morality

Markazul Hidaya Educational Centre is an eminent educational and charitable  institution in Kodagu, the land of lush greenery and fascinating nature with river and mountain, which was established by visionaries and fascinating nature with Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniya. Markaz firmly believes that a system of education devoid of deep rooted moral and spiritual vision is more likely to lead to cultural anarchy that would affect the goodwill of the society it represents at large. This institution aims in fulfilling the need of society with quality education and charity. These are Public Schools, Dawa College, Women’s Islamic Sharia, Women’s hotels, Hospitals and other charitable institutions are working under this institute.

Our Vision

Markazul Hidaya envisions a group of people who are intellectually packed with spiritual and secular knowledge to lead the future community in the context of secular India with quality in education, moral values and better living.


Markazul Hidaya, one of the most prominent institution of Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniyya is playing an active role in the academic and spiritual development of the community in Kodagu District. Initiated as a public school, now Markazul Hidaya has several off-colleges and diverge institutions molding an educated environment in the district. It is greatly blending the advanced educational architecture of various prominent institutions. 

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmed

Chief patron, markazul hidaya

Behind the Development

Sayyed Kumbol Thangal​


Dr. MA Hakeem Azhari


PA Ismail Saqafi

Manager & Secretary


Markazul Hidaya College of Islamic Science

Markazul Hidaya College of Islamic Science​ was established as a home for Contemporary Islamic learning integrated with modern liberal arts subjects. Here the course structure is designed for the students, who completed elementary schooling or matriculation

Naser Al Kammas Edu Park

Naser Al Kammas Edu Park (Markaz Public School) aims to be an advanced centre for learning  with significant positive impact. It mainly focuses to build technically grounded and skillfully knowledgeable leaders through very systematically targeted programs. Moreover a traditionally held curriculum and system of knowledge reproduction

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